sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

the Best friends

The Best friends

         Hi, my name is Douglas. I am a big Luis Gonzaga’s friend. We are sixteen years old. We are students Lourenço Antônio Galletti school. Luis is timid, and I am funny. We are very different.
         We like music, funk and rock. I like games and mangás, but Luis like comics and doesn’t like games. I don’t like futebol, and Luis loves it. We like policy and don’t like novel.
       Last week, Luis and I went to send e-mails in lan house. Next we went eat hot dogs in square of the Bible. Luis did very cheat. Was very funny.

Douglas Oliveira and Luis Gonzaga (2ª C)

Who am I?

My name is Márcia Fernanda. I like internet very much also I like go out with my friends. Yesterday I enjoyed very with my friends.


           Hi, my name is Luana de matos, i'm sixteen years old, i'm from Açailândia, I study at Lourenço galletti school 2nd grade, I like play volleyboll. I don't like to stay long home. I have a boy friend.
          This is my friend Luana dos reis, She is fifteen years old, She study at the some school and in the room she doesn't have a boy friend.
           we have some things em commom such with listem music, like surf on net, Go for Celebra Açailãndia every year and study.
           Last weekend it was Açailândia party but we didn't go, But our friends went. They talked that was fantastis. The party was with Claudia Leite, Parangolé and Chiclete com Banana.

Luana reis and Luana matos
Our lives

    Hello, my name is Hyago, I was born in Açailândia, in my eight years, I lived  in Tucuruí, I lived there until 14 years and come back to my home land. Mateus Freitas is my friend he is living Here in he lived in Itinga-PA.
   Currently studying in school in both Lourenço Antonio Galletti, We to play Xbox 360 game very much and mainly studying.
   Last week I and Mateus played Video game and soccer  in my house, It was Funny.

                                Hyago e Mateus Freitas


Hello, my name is Ildenise Ferreira , I'm 16 years old, live in Açailândia-Ma, I study in school Antonio Lorenzo Galletti, I like to talk with my friends, I would like to go more with my friends for fun. I do not like people falsa.Tenho Boyfriend
This is my friend Luciana Gonçalves, she has 17 years, she studied at the same school and in the same room, she loves to party and hang out with people we like amigos. Não razista.Ela false and has no boyfriend.
Agent has some things in common, like hanging out with friends, chat with our friends, have some fun and get telcando on Facebook.
Last week staff smiled a lot at school with our friends, study, and made many jokes in the classroom.

Ildenise Ferreira and Luciana Gonçalves

quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

                                       Friends ?

hello, my name is sinara I'm seventeen years old, I live in açailandia-ma  I study at Lourenço A. Galletti, school.
Ana kesia is my friend she is sixteen olay she lives is açailandia-Ma and studies at Lourenço A. Galletti school too.
  Like music,watch tv, acess my orkut, msn, and Facebook, and Ana kesia likes sing and read, I don't fest And my friend Ana kesia doesn't like " redes sociais"

 Last weekend I went to a farm and ana kesia went to a birthday party It was very good.

Ana kesia and Sinara

Who are we ?

Hello, my name is Amanda, I'm sixteen, I'm from maranhão. I don't have a friend. Matheus is my friend. He is sixteen years old. he is from maranhão. He doesn't have a girl friend. We study at Lourenço Galletti in the 2 grade. I like surf on net. travel, parties, meeting, my friends, dance, read. Matheus likes play soccer, and play game, he likes surf on net and muting your friends.
 On the last weekend
 i went to the Açaifolia I went with some friends and enjoyed a lot Matheus, on the last sunday played soccer with your friends. It was very funny.

Matheus Fontenele e Amanda Costa.